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This commercial trash can is a park favorite and it’s great for urban areas. The steel straps match many other site amenities.
-   Easy to clean
-   Elegant style
-  16 different colors

Commercial Trash Cans with Best Price Guarantee

The City of Boca Raton loves keeping their parks immaculate. When it comes to keeping their city parks clean they turn to the Park Catalog for guidance. The city parks are supplied with both trash receptacles and recycling trash centers that are keeping the parks impeccable. The City of Boca Raton is a beautiful city. Let us furnish your park!

Commercial Trash Can Commercial Trash Receptacle

Special thanks to the City of Boca Raton, another valued customer of Trash Can Source.

Trash cans collect indoor and outdoor waste, smoking litter, and recycling items. When choosing a trash can, consumers evaluate the location where trash accumulates. Strategically placed trash cans save the environment, reduce pollution, and lower the risk of disease or illness. 

Outdoor trash cans provide sturdy receptacles for trash. Prevent litter and create clean outdoor space by installing trash receptacles in neighborhoods, parks and other outdoor recreational locations. Sturdy outdoor trash cans also store garden supplies in a garage or hold leaves and yard waste during landscaping clean up days. 

Keep outdoor trash messes to a minimum by implementing preventative measures. Seal outdoor trash cans with a tight-fitting lid to prevent curious creatures from entering the can in search of food. Set outdoor trash cans on a sturdy pad or build a protective shelter to prevent them from tipping over due to high winds, rain, snow, outdoor creatures or curious neighborhood children. 

Indoor trash cans remove household waste and provide decorative touches in any home. Purchase neutral colored cans for non-descript use. Decorative indoor trash cans match home décor and provide splashes of color to any space. Strategically place trash cans in each room to ensure the home remains neat, clean and tidy for health and safety. Every family member contributes to housecleaning when they hold responsibility to empty their own trash cans. 

Indoor trash cans serve business, office, and institutional trash needs. Plastic covered bins ensure all trash stays off the floors and safely stored out of sight. Provide adequate receptacles for paper, food, and other trash while maintaining a healthy indoor environment free from unhealthy and unsanitary waste. 

Recycling trash cans store glass, metal and plastic food, beverage and packaging containers. Conveniently located near the trash can areas, recycling trash cans offer consumers an easy way to save the environment and lower the cost of goods. An increase in the use of recycling trash cans allows manufacturers to use fewer natural resources and cut costs of producing necessary storage containers for food and other items. Support the economy, save money on the trash disposal bill, and reduce waste by investing in recycling trash cans. 

Smoking urns protect the environment and the neighborhood. Deposit cigarette butts and ashes into the smoking urn rather than throw them into the lawn or street for curious children or pets to pick up and examine. Business and homeowners benefit from smoking urns that store ashes and butts safely without fear of fire. Prevent litter by installing smoking urns near outdoor smoking areas in developments, parks, malls and other public locations.

Trash remains a necessary part of modern society. Trash accumulation increases the spread of illness and disease. Remove trash in sturdy, utilitarian trash cans. Provide sanitary locations for everyone to dispose of trash, litter or recyclable materials. Indoor trash cans, outdoor trash cans and smoking urns increase health and wellness of a home, business, community and environment.